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Quality is a point you simply cannot afford to compromise on. We vet all our products to ensure you receive only the best possible available


Sustainably procured products and practices are of paramount importance in this day and age, especially given the finiteness of what we have


Design that embodies efficiency and aesthetics is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy we continually strive to embody

Food Packaging

Are you tired of leaking, stinky and messy food packaging? Do you also feel like not eating your lunch after a long day at work because of the ridiculous packaging it is wrapped in? If you check one of the aforementioned, you are in dire need of some new food packaging. Whether you are a food business owner, home chef, or homemaker, these days  food packaging is a part of everyone’s life. No need to worry though; TheSixEquip has you covered.

At TheSixEquip, we provide specialized, high-quality food packaging services to wide-ranging clients, including caterers, food stalls, and restaurants. We have a team of experts with substantial experience in the food industry. We also understand the essentiality of packaging, which not only allow you to have fresher and safer food for a long time but maintain the appeal of your food.

TheSixEquip is your one-stop solution for packaging catering, retail, and takeout orders. The packaging options we offer include simple (initially) to biodegradable boxes. One of the best things about our firm is the fast turnaround times, so you do not run late on your delivery orders.

Our food is our pride, delight and joy and it deserves the best packaging to sustain its taste, freshness, and appeal. Never settle for less, especially when food packaging is concerned. Contact TheSixEquip and see all the beautiful things you can do with your food packaging to take your business to the next level.

Box Food Packaging

Are you looking for high-quality box packaging for your food? At TheSixEquip, we are keen on making robust, reliable box food packaging for many industries and products. Using high-quality materials for our box food packaging is essential to our business because we value healthiness and your food. We certainly don’t want to ruin your food’s poor packaging. Whether you’re shipping food with gravy or dry food, we provide good options.

Sustainability is our forte; so, we work hard to ensure our products are eco-friendly. The team at TheSixEquip understands the importance of environmental sustainability; therefore, we strive to make our box food packaging ecologically viable. But we never compromise on our designs either. We want to provide our customers with products that are best for their business in every way. Our immaculate procedures allow you to impress your customers at first look, while the quality of our box food packaging keeps food fresh and tasteful. Visit our website and see the quality and design we are offering. You won’t be disappointed.


“With The Six Equip we really hit the jackpot. We found everything we needed in one place and at some of the lowest prices available on the market. Honestly we couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our restaurant business!”

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